King of metallic gold No. 79 is the element with the symbol Au. It is yellow. It is free element in nature and no reactivity. It is resistant to rust or oxide stains. Melting point of gold is 1064 degrees Celsius and boiling point is 2701 degrees Celsius. Specific gravity is 3.19. Atomic weight is 196.67. The crystalline form is cube, Octahedron or Dodecahedron.  Nowadays, the prices are higher. Gold is used as a component of multiple devices. When used, it will expire and it is not useful. How many people know that dropped gold or junk gold. E-Book gold extraction can make the readers know about the gold that can extracted a lump of pure gold > 99 % easily.

E-Waste Gold Recovery of Gold & Other Precious Metals From Electronic Waste

E-Waste or E-Scrap (electronic waste and scrap) is an actual gold and silver mine for those who wish to reclaim recycle their precious metals values! E-waste is found in old pc boards, and electronic parts, CPU’s computer old cell phones, and a multitude of discarded and obsolete electronic junk. In 2000 the electronic waste recycling industry topped $2.5 Billion. It is projected by 2021 that it could be as high as $22 Billion! If someone wishes to get into some of this business, this guide will be an informative assistant. The e-waste consists of gold , silver , copper, precious metals and many more. gold extraction process. teaching extract gold from all kinds of electronic scrap. Waste recycling. gold smelting. gold extracting electronic waste and lode gold. gold refining. and various junk. E-Book gold recovery, made ​​easy best results. There are some great tips on how to prepare the items, and identify the most valuable products. There is encouragement and warnings for safety and environmental responsibility to entrepreneurs wishing to start this amazing business! Gold and silver have been an important part of our economy forever. Gold and silver and other precious metals have been an important part of the explosive growth in technology. The leftovers, the waste, the junk, the trash still has all of this precious metal included in it. It’s like prospecting for your own gold and silver mine. Most people are unaware of what really is available to someone who can find some treasure in trash like this. and you will be finding gold where nobody else is looking! Bulk gold is left .

The readers just Read and follow this E-Book you will be able to extract the gold from the gold plated,alloy materials in the course.

E-Book Gold Extraction Process &  Gold Recovery,Gold Refine.



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1.1 Gold extraction Chemical

1.2 Gold extraction Electricity

1.3 Smelting Gold

1.4 Gold Refining

2. How to mix chemicals to extract gold.

3. How to extract the gold. Profile. Every step.

4. Video How to extract the gold. Profile. Every step.