How to recover gold scrap Make 24k gold from scrap gold use Aqua regia and Sodium metabisulfite

How to recover gold scrap  Make 24k gold from scrap gold use Aqua regia and Sodium metabisulfite

Hello, friends Today I will make 24k gold from scrap gold. Gold scrap from the factory, industrial Manufacture of electronic circuit boards. This gold scrap is in the process of gold plating, electronic circuit boards. This scrap of gold must be purchased from industrial plants. Cannot be found online And quite a secret Because it is a production of a large industry Today I will use ar or aqua regia using two chemical components. is a mixture of nitric acid and hydrochloric acid, optimally in a molar ratio of 1:3 Needless to say, since we are dealing with very strong acids here, participating chemists should wear proper protective lab gear and the apparatus should be handled with the utmost care, as aqua regia is highly corrosive. It releases toxic fumes and is very dangerous if it comes in direct contact with human skin. Aqua regia is primarily popular for its ability to dissolve gold, palladium and platinum, all of which don’t react easily with chemicals. You have to calculate the proper use of aqua regia. Normally, from my experiment, 100 ml aqua regia will dissolve 25 grams of gold at the chemical saturation point. I used the method to increase the temperature of the acid 90 degrees Celsius. the chemical saturation point and gold dissolved completely. You have to filter chemicals for the best. This step affects the purity of gold. Sodium metabisulfite is commonly used to precipitate dissolved gold out of aqua regia and gold chloride solutions. When it is dissolved into water, sulfur dioxide gas is created which is excellent at precipitating gold from the solution. Sodium metabisulfite is a popular choice in this process because it is more selective in precipitating gold by itself. Sodium metabisulfite (also known as sodium bisulfite) is an affordable and effective selective precipitant for gold. This chemical can recover up to 99.95% of pure gold when the precipitated gold is thoroughly rinsed. It works well even at room temperature. Proper ventilation is required. This precipitant has a very strong, pungent, acid odor and is corrosive. Precipitated gold particles vary in size, but tend to be small and float easily in the rinse water. For this reason, special care must be taken to avoid accidentally pouring off gold with the rinse water. making gold from scrap, aqua regia gold recovery, aqua regia gold refining process, gold recovery by sodium metabisulfite #RecoverGold #Make24kGold #AquaRegia

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