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Yes, both motherboards and RAM (memory) integrated circuit (IC) chips in computers do contain small amounts of gold.

- The gold is used in the thin metal coatings on the circuitry tracks of the printed circuit boards.
- While the percentage is tiny, a typical motherboard can contain around 0.2 - 0.5 grams of gold.

RAM IC Chips:
- The gold is used in the connectors and bonding wires inside the RAM chip packages.
- A typical laptop or desktop computer may have 0.01 - 0.06 grams of gold in its RAM modules, depending on number/size of chips.

Other components like CPUs, graphics cards, etc. also contribute to the overall gold content.

The gold is integral to the functionality of these components, providing excellent conductivity and corrosion resistance for the microscopic circuits.

While the amounts are very small per individual component, it adds up when you consider the billions of computers and electronics discarded every year globally.

This is why recycling and "urban mining" of e-waste has become an important source for extracting precious metals like gold, in addition to reducing environmental contamination.

However, extracting the gold requires shredding, burning and chemical processing like acid leaching - processes best handled by professional integrated e-waste recycling facilities with proper safety controls.

So in summary - yes, those ubiquitous computer parts we use daily do rely on small but important quantities of gold for their operation.

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