How to Recovering Gold from from Electronic Scrap gold plated material Pins Leg Connector.

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How to gold stripping Recovery gold plated material electronic Pin Leg Connector Gold plated electronic equipment.
Electronic equipment leg Most will be cut according to the suitability of the electronic circuit assembly.
I use sodium cyanide with gold stripping ratio1 to 1, 15 grams, 1 liter of water.
I use funnel and cotton wool to filter chemicals Who has a better way? Please bring for the benefit of people.
Potassium hydroxide and zinc powder do 3 to 5 times until the gold in the chemical is depleted. Notice from the color of the zinc powder If the original color shows that gold is out.
Gold will stick to zinc powder. We will use nitric acid mixed with water. 2 to 1, separate  zinc powder from gold.
You will get gold powder then melted into cubes.
You will receive 18k gold if you want 24k gold. Bring gold powder to make AR Aqua Regia step. Today I will melt. Do not step Aqua Regia.
I received 18K gold 2 grams from raw materials 120 grams.
Whether you are handling cleaning products with chemicals at home or working with chemicals in a school chemistry lab, being aware of chemical safety tips helps to keep you safe from possible danger.
Wear the protective clothing recommended by the manufacturer. This could include gloves, protective eyewear, a mask, a long sleeved shirt and long pants.
Prudent execution of experiments requires not only sound judgment and an accurate assessment of the risks involved in the laboratory, but also the selection of appropriate work practices to reduce risk and protect the health and safety of trained laboratory personnel as well as the public and the environment.
Take precautions to avoid exposure by the principal routes, that is, contact with skin and eyes, inhalation, and ingestion.
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