Copper wire recycling Bare bright copper cable scrap

Hello my friends Copper Wire Recycling
Important Things You Should Know About Copper Cable Recycling
Copper is a non-ferrous metal, meaning that it's a metal that is not derived from iron. It is commonly used in electrical wires and pipes for plumbing in its purest form, without any other metals or alloys. Demand for copper is increasing, commensurate with its usage today, thus, recycling copper can generate profit for you. The price you'll receive for copper will be based on what the copper was used for and its condition.

 Another common recycling equipment for copper is copper wire/cable stripping machine. Copper wire stripping machine is especially suitable for stripping thick wires and cables of single-strand or multi-strand. More labor-saving and less energy -consumption. The popular cable stripping machine can process wire/cable with diameter from 1-90mm. Copper wire recycling Bare bright copper cable scrap. scrap bare bright copper.

Copper facts you might not know
Did you know copper is nearly 100 percent recyclable? More than half of the copper consumed in the U.S. is from recycled scrap.

Almost 80 percent of copper produced in the world is still in use, and it can continue to be recycled without any changes to its properties. In fact, it retains 95 percent of its original value.

It’s also worth mentioning that copper should never be burned in an open fire. By processing the following scrap through a quality distributor, you minimize your impact on the environment for the betterment of the communities in which you live and work

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