Recovering Gold Finger from Computer SCRAP

Recovering Gold Fingers from Computer SCRAP Gold Fingers - How to Recover Gold from Electronic Scrap If you recall, when scrapping computers and other electronic equipment, we encounter a lot of peripheral cards which has Gold plated male slot contacts, i.e. the “fingers”

Computer Gold Fingers
When scrapping computers you will often come across wonderful gold encrusted components. (In reality, they are only gold plated.)

These gold components are, despite appearances, not “ripe” with gold. Yes, refining gold fingers is easier than refining ore, but that doesn’t mean it is “full” of gold. It will take hundreds of pounds of computers to get even close to an ounce of gold.
If you have the time and patience to collect about ten of pounds of these gold fingers, 
Each 1kg of gold fingers usually has 1-4 grams of gold.

Example video Recovery Gold Finger from Circuit board computer scrap

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