Wait don’t throw those old cell phone. Did you know that in your cell phone there is gold? extract gold recycle from mobile phones pocket PC.

 How to extract gold recycle from mobile phones pocket PC old fashioned electronic circuit boards

 hello friends Today I'm going to disassemble the gold plated parts from mobile phones, pocket PCs, old fashioned electronic circuit boards.

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If you’ve opened an electronic device before, such as radios, televisions, or even your old cellphone, you’ve seen their inner workings. Ever noticed those shiny gold-colored parts on the circuit boards? Those bright pieces of metal are, in fact, gold plated. Gold is used on electronic circuit boards because of its excellent conductive properties and because it doesn’t corrode or rust over time. If you still have any of those circuit boards lying around, have a bit of fun and mine them for gold.
Be sure to wear a face mask, safety glasses, and industrial gloves.
The World Bank reports that the global ratio of mobile phone subscriptions reached 1.04 per person in 2017, with a continuing upward trend. In China alone, forward-looking data show that the number of obsolete mobile phones generated in 2020 would reach 877.8 million, which would bring more challenge to the end-of-life management and recycling of waste mobile phones especially the printed circuit boards (PCB), contain valuable metals as well as hazardous materials. The precious metals ( gold, copper, and palladium) are widely used as contact materials or plating layers attribute to their electric conductivity and chemical stability. Moreover, it is worth noting that e-waste contains about 10 times more precious metals than the corresponding natural minerals, providing a strong incentive for recycling waste electrical and electronic equipment  and draw much attention from the public. As one of the largest consumable precious metals, gold is ubiquitous in almost all electronic products. found that a ton of contains 347 g of gold on average, and its recovery has significant financial value and environmental benefit. and must be done in the right way.

You will find gold plated pieces at Connectors of the circuit board, gold-plated pins, memory card slots, push buttons, connector Battery, gold-colored parts, and the inside of the ic chips have a large amount of gold wire.

Wait don’t throw those old electronics in the garbage, there’s gold in them there things. How about putting it in your pockets instead of someone else’s pocket?
Laptops, phones, cameras, and the like are filled with gold plated circuit boards even printers and scanners have gold, silver, and copper, even platinum in them.
Yes, it is possible to extract a small amount of gold from a kilogram of Nokia cell phone circuit boards if processed properly, but the yield would be quite low.

Based on estimates and studies on precious metal content in mobile phones:

- A typical older Nokia phone contains around 0.02 - 0.035 grams of gold in its circuit boards and components.

- So for 1 kg of Nokia phone circuit boards (approximately 25-50 phone boards), you could expect to extract somewhere around 0.5 - 1 gram of gold.

- The gold is present in very thin electroplated layers on the circuit board tracks as well as in small amounts in the integrated circuits and other components.

However, actually recovering all of this gold is extremely difficult and requires very precise and controlled metallurgical processes involving acids, smelting, etc.

In reality, even commercial e-waste recycling facilities can only recover around 20-30% of the potential gold value from circuit boards using their technologies.

So while 1 kg of Nokia boards may contain close to 1 gram of gold in total, you would likely only be able to extract a portion of that, maybe 0.2-0.3 grams of relatively pure gold if processing perfectly.

The relatively low yield combined with the harsh chemistry involved makes extracting gold from small quantities of consumer electronics an environmental and safety hazard if not done properly. Large scale recycling facilities have the right processes and controls in place.

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