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 our dog piggy bank sounds adorable! Dog-themed piggy banks can be a fun and creative way to save money. They often come in various designs, resembling different dog breeds or featuring cute dog motifs.  Having a piggy bank can help you develop a habit of saving money. You can start by collecting loose change and dropping it into the piggy bank regularly. Over time, the amount can accumulate, and you can eventually deposit it into a savings account or use it for something special.  Remember, saving money is a valuable skill that can benefit you in the long run. It's always a good idea to set financial goals and work towards them. Whether it's saving up for a specific purchase or building an emergency fund, your dog piggy bank can serve as a visual reminder of your progress.

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We bought this to keep at our home for small grandkids to play with. It met and exceeded expectations. It is a comical way to save coins, but is also entertaining in itself. The dog's ears flop around, primarily because of the vigour of the head and body movements as the dog's head hits the bowl. That latter action causes the coins to slide towards the slot and into the bank. In the bottom of the bowl is a sensor triggered by the weight of a coin and it remains on until there is no weight on it. The bank reservoir is easily accessed through the front hatch. YouTube has action shots. Worth the money

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