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 Integrated circuits (ICs) are fascinating! Gold wire bonds play a crucial role in ICs. They’re used to connect the semiconductor die to the package leads, ensuring electrical connectivity throughout the chip. Gold is used due to its excellent conductivity, resistance to corrosion, and reliability over time. These tiny wires are typically just a few micrometers thick but are essential for the functionality and performance of modern electronics. What specifically would you like to know about them?

IC (integrated circuit) chips commonly contain gold wire bonds inside their packaging. These gold wire bonds serve an important purpose in the chip's construction and operation.

Function: The gold wires are used to create electrical connections between the semiconductor die (the actual IC chip) and the leads/pins of the chip package. This allows the chip to interface with the printed circuit board and other components.

The wires are made of pure or nearly pure gold, usually 99.99% pure. Gold is used because of its excellent electrical conductivity and resistance to corrosion.

Typical gold bonding wires have extremely small diameters, usually between 15-33 micrometers (0.0006-0.0013 inches).

Length: The length of the gold wires varies based on the package type, but is typically between 1-5 mm.

A single IC chip can contain anywhere from a few gold wire bonds to over a thousand, depending on the complexity of the chip.

While the amount of gold per individual IC is miniscule, the sheer quantity of ICs in electronic waste adds up. This makes recovering and recycling the gold wire bonds from chipsets, processors, graphics cards etc. economically viable for specialized recycling facilities.

Proper processing, de-packaging and chemical extraction are required to reclaim the gold from the IC chip wire bonds present in e-waste streams.

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