copyright infringement youtube video clip

 Video piracy Youtube Archimedes Channel 

Withdrawal of proceedings Legal and Youtube Video Copyright Operation costs $ 3000-100000 per video.

current followers

1. 0 - 1000 Follower  Operation costs $ 3000 per video.

2. 1001 - 10000 Follower  Operation costs $ 5000 per video.

3. more than 10001 Follower  Operation costs $ 10000 per video.

what you get after this

1. Cancel legal copyright infringement prosecution.

2.  Remove a Copyright Strike on YouTube 

no need to worry

Usually we keep all videos, copyright infringements, videos.

we have lawyer in India to deal with this matter or authorized representative Litigation for damages and legal action abroad.  I'll let you know, usually we don't accept apologies. 

I think this legal action according to the age of the lawsuit After the copyright infringement is detected and concluded. For collecting information and documents in lawsuits duration 24 – 33 months 

I suggest that you come on a summons from the court.

If you waste my time on a subpoena from court or don't show up, we may seek additional damages. Tracking and wasting time

wish you luck

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