Uthumporn figs มะเดื่ออุทุมพร

 มะเดื่ออุทุมพร Figs are large perennial plants. Its scientific name is Ficus racemosa Linn. (Some use Ficus glomerata Roxb.) It is in the Moraceae family as well as the Bodhi tree. That banyan tree Moreover, they are also close relatives even belonging to the same genus. Their origins are in the same area, so they have many similarities. especially in terms of beliefs and relationships with local people There are many types of figs here, I will mention the type called. Uthumporn figs which is the fig that Thai people are most familiar with

Uthumporn figs It is a large tree, 15-20 meters tall, broad canopy, dense leaves, single leaves, oval or lanceolate, about 10 cm wide, about 20 cm long, pointed tip, smooth leaf edge, smooth or hairy leaf surface, petiole 5 cm long, ear. Spear-shaped leaves, about 2 centimeters long, flowers are round bouquets, similar to fruit. Villagers often call this inflorescence fruit or figs. Inflorescences are clustered along the trunk and branches Young green inflorescences turn red-orange as they mature. covered with downy hair Inflorescence diameter about 4 cm, stamens around the opening. Pistils are inside the inflorescence cavity. The fruit is small. The seeds are about 1 mm long. The seeds are hard, yellow.

The original origin of Uthumphon figs covering the tropical regions of Asia from India to China In Thailand, it is found in humid rain forests and hill evergreen forests. Usually grow along streams at an altitude of 1,000-1,250 meters above sea level. The name Udumbara fig is presumably a combination of the name fig and the Sanskrit name Udumbar, meaning Udumbara fig. In the central region, it is called Uthumphon figs. The southern part calls for water. The northern region (Lampang) is called Fig, in English it is called Cluster Fig.

Uthumporn figs as fruits and vegetables

The part that is eaten as a vegetable is the inflorescence (or what Thai people call the fruit or figs) using young or raw inflorescences as a dipping vegetable or in a curry such as Kaeng Som. It can be many types of vegetables. But most of them are small and flavorful. Not as good as Uthumphon fig bouquet Mature inflorescences (ripe fruits) show red color. eat a blackberry It is the mature (or unripe) inflorescences of the Udumbara fig that flies are always found inside. causing Thai people to have a bad attitude towards Madua Studies on the relationship between the whitefly and the fig found that both sides depend on each other (symbiosis). Drosophila relies on figs for food and incubates their eggs until they can fly. Thus, it can be seen that both the whitefly and the fig occupy one another. in further reproduction

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