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A Call Duck is a breed of domesticated duck that is known for its small size and distinctive quack. Call Ducks are primarily kept for ornamental purposes and as pets, rather than for meat or egg production. They are popular among duck enthusiasts and hobbyists due to their charming appearance and unique vocalizations.

 Call Ducks are a specific breed of domesticated duck known for their small size, distinctive appearance, and unique vocalizations. Here's some additional information:

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Call Ducks originated in the Netherlands and were originally bred for their hunting potential. Their small size made them excellent decoy ducks. Hunters would use their calls and appearance to attract wild ducks into their hunting areas. Over time, their popularity shifted from being primarily hunting decoys to becoming ornamental ducks and pets.

One of the most distinctive features of Call Ducks is their unique vocalizations. They have a high-pitched, loud quack that is often described as sounding like a "call" or a whistle. These vocalizations are different from the typical quacking of other duck breeds and are quite endearing to those who keep them.

Call Ducks are known for their friendly and sociable nature. They are often kept as pets, and their small size and gentle demeanor make them suitable for backyard settings. They can also be raised as exhibition birds, participating in poultry and waterfowl shows to showcase their various color patterns.

When keeping Call Ducks, it's important to provide them with appropriate care. This includes access to clean water for swimming and drinking, proper nutrition, protection from predators, and suitable shelter. Call Ducks can be kept in smaller enclosures due to their size, but they still need ample space to move around.

Call Ducks are social animals and thrive when kept in pairs or small groups. Providing companionship is essential for their well-being and happiness.

Overall, Call Ducks are beloved for their small size, charming appearance, and unique vocalizations. Whether you're interested in them as pets, for exhibitions, or simply as delightful additions to your outdoor space, they can bring a lot of joy to duck enthusiasts and animal lovers alike.

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