Ghost hand mushroom


Ghost hand mushroom... just the name is scary, right? It's different from normal mushrooms. that we have ever seen It also emits a rotten smell. Like a corpse too

What is a ghost hand mushroom?

Ghost Hand Mushroom or its real name is Stinkhorns is the name of a group of mushrooms that have an important characteristic. When the flowers are young, the mushrooms have a membranous skin, making them round in shape, similar to meatballs or ping pong balls. But when the aforementioned wall is torn off, the internal structure of mushrooms grows out and comes in various shapes according to each genus. But the important thing is that the top of the mushroom will have brown or greenish or black mucus that smells very bad or resembles the smell of carcasses. Which is the origin of the word "stink", while the word "horn" comes from the appearance of one of the genus mushrooms in this group that looks like a rod like a horn When these two distinctive features were combined, a new name was formed, “stinkhorns”.

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The stinky horn mushroom has white flesh. Also known as white-handed mushrooms (Anthurus brownii J.M. Mend.) or some news sources may name the dead man's finger mushrooms This type of mushroom looks like a young egg-shaped flower, 3-4 cm wide, 2-3 cm tall, white or cream. At the base of the flower there is a white rope-like fiber, etched into the organic matter from which the mushroom grows.

When the pericarp is torn, the white mushroom appears porous like a sponge. It resembles a hand where the fingertips are connected and separated into 6 lobes.

Where do "ghost hand mushrooms" usually grow?

The stinky horn mushrooms are saprophytic mushrooms that can be found in soil with humus and high humidity. It is reported to be found frequently at the base of trees that have been fed with organic fertilizers such as green manure, manure or compost. can be found in this group of mushrooms

Can ghost hand mushrooms be eaten?

Most of these mushrooms are not known whether they are edible or not, except for the bamboo mushroom (Phallus indusiatus Vent.), which is widely eaten in menus. "Bamboo pulp soup" that we are familiar with By taking the old mushroom that has pierced the flower from the membrane and cut off the cap and the base of the stem that has the smelly mucus completely. Then clean it to remove all the color and smell before it can be cooked.

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